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Re: re page color -- dealing with objects lacking transparency


Aha!  You have discovered "transparency" or the lack thereof.  Welcome to the
world of graphics, color, backgrounds, etc.

I am completely ignorant of PowerPoint's graphic's format(s), thus I can only
tell you what is happening, not how to fix it.  Most graphic objects, unless
otherwise specified, are not automatically transparent.  

You are going to have to do something in PowerPoint (what?) to make the
background of your images "transparent".  Otherwise, you will have to import
your graphics into (which program?  Photoshop for non-vector; Illustrator for
vector) to edit them, select the non-background areas, reverse the selection,
and make it transparent.  Not knowing how PowerPoint graphics are made (and
glad of it, I think), I can be of no further use to you.

Good night.

Jay Smith

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davidgoldfayl@pmsc.com wrote:
> Framers,
> Thanks for the responses to my question - how to set the page colour to a colour
> other than white.  I received a number of direct responses which may have
> already gone to the list (the tyranny of digest at a distance). In particular
> thanks to Roger Jones, Micheal Heine, Jay Smith and Marcus Streets.
> All responses said essentially the same thing. Their responses addressed
> something which I neglected to mention, that I wanted to achieve this effect for
> on-screen and print versions.  It was pointed out that the solution will not be
> successful for printing on anything other than via PostScript on mass production
> printers, as office lasers or inkjets can't to print to the very edge.
> VIEW | Master Page | GRAPHIC | Tools |: then, while in Master Page draw a
> rectangle to the edge of the page; while the rectangle is still selected goto
> the graphics tools menu and select fill style to 'solid', pen to 'none', set
> colour to colour of choice, set tint to desired level and finally GRAPHIC | Set
> to Back.
> Simple as that. In my case I fiddled with the stock-standard yellow colour and
> set it to 15%. The only problems I still have relate to the graphics which I've
> imported. For example, simple diagrams created in Powerpoint objects and
> imported or cut-&-pasted are treated as the block that they are and, naturally,
> don't allow the background colour through.  Any thoughts?
> Thanks again to all who responded.
> All the best
> David Goldfayl

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