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Re: FDK and Filter to HTML?


If FM's filter does most of what you need, how about simply filtering
to HTML and then writing a Perl script to do whatever it is you need
to do.  In this way, if your Perl script is solid and handles all
appropriate exceptions, you would not have to worry about modifying
any filter you might write or post-filtering FDK processing you might
write as FM and its filtering changes with version changes.  

Jay Smith

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Eric J. Stoffer wrote:
> I would like to use the FDK to modify the HTML output of FM+SGML to add
> special markup and split files and some other things I think are
> possible. I just want to do more than is possible with the standard FM
> to HTML filter.  I have used the FDK in the past to customize FM, but I
> have never written a filter.
> When doing this would I start from scratch writing a brand new filter,
> or can I "call" the FM to HTML filter and then just mess with the output
> before it's written to the file?
> Thanks for any comments.  Eric Stoffer

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