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Re: Character Formatting in Cross References

Mark & all...

If other solutions are not proffered, you might consider using a
scripting product (we use FrameScript) to do this.  If you did so, and
if *ALL* occurrences of "TELEform" had to appear as you describe, you
would not have to worry about the original or subsequent appearance of
the word -- following generation/update of cross refs you can run the
script and fix everything everywhere in one document or a whole book.

Since FrameScript does have a learning curve, it is probably not the
answer if this is the only scripting need you have.  However, as we
have, I suspect that you would have a variety of needs for a scripting
program if you are a heavy FM user.

FrameScript contact is:
  Frank Elmore <elmsoft@mindspring.com>

I have a script that can already do 90% of what you need and the other
10% will just take a little experimentation.  Since I do not have a
programming background, this little script tested me, but in the
interest of generally promoting FrameScript use (and thus further
development of the product which helps ME) I can send you a copy of
the script if you acquire FrameScript.

I have no connection or relation to FrameScript other than as their

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

The Press for History(tm), The Press for Education(tm), 
The Press for [Your Industry](tm), The Press for....(tm)
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  Minimum run one copy.

P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

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Mark Smith wrote:
> Hi:
>         I've got another question--one that's been bugging me for a
> while.  The product that I document is called "TELEform".  It needs to
> appear that way in the documentation, with the first four letters
> capitalized, and the last four italicized.  This causes problems with
> the cross refs.  Although I set up a cross ref format that works for me,
> it loses the italics.  It comes out like this--Read Chapter 3 "TELEform
> Overview" on page 3-1.
> Is there anyway I can fix this so that it appears correctly?  I know
> there's something I can put in the X ref format to change the format of
> the text, but what about half of a word?  Can this even be done?
> Mark

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