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Re: Question: How to check for no-go-words?


You did not indicate what platform you are on -- if you are on Unix,
you may have more flexible options.

My only thoughts are to use some sort of scripting approach ...

- SaveAs MIF and use a script of some sort to locate and ?change some

- Purchase FrameScript (Win95) and write a script that runs within FM,
on FM files, that searches for words, and when it finds does (report
on; present a dialog; place cursor at; etc.)

Please post your final solution.

Jay Smith

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Ulrich Klein wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> how do I have FM check for words to be avoided in the text / book?
> Is there a way to define a dictionary with false "spellings" (a negative list)?
> Thanks!
> Ulrich Klein

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