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RE: User base and future support/development of Frame

It sounds as if "Management" is looking for justification to change to
the "cheaper spread." 

I think the information you seek would be interesting to know anyway,
regardless of the reason.  Don't know if Adobe would turn loose of its
client list, but for one, you can count the company identified by the
three letters prior to the dot-com in this e-mail's return address.

Which now necessitates that I invoke the standard disclaimer: everything
I have ever said (and probably thought) is completely my own opinion and
not my employer's...yadda yadda yadda...void where prohibited, your
results may vary - use for comparison only, close cover before striking,
open other end, apply to infested area...for external use only.  (And
all those yaddas are binding.)

	From:  Adam Korman [SMTP:adamk@san.rr.com]
	Sent:  Friday, November 20, 1998 10:57
	To:  FrameUsers; Free Framers
	Subject:  User base and future support/development of Frame

	Hi all,

	I know I've seen some info on this before, but I can't seem to
	find it in searching the archives. Management is concerned about:

	1. the size of the FrameMaker user base
	2. continued support and development of FrameMaker
	3. the size of the Mac FrameMaker user base
	3. continued support and development of FrameMaker on Mac

	I keep saying that these shouldn't be concerns of theirs (Frame
	has plenty of users, support and development for it aren't going 
	away, one of it's big features is cross-platform support, etc.), 
	but I don't have any hard facts to back this up. I'd love to have 
	specifics regarding these issues, like:

	-- roughly how many people use Frame
	-- market share info
	-- % of Frame users on Macintosh
	-- names of major companies with large FrameMaker licenses
	-- Adobe's plans for FrameMaker (and/or Frame on Mac)

	Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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