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How to generate color separated PostScript?

Hi you all!

My documents usually contain CMYK pictures and artwork. When the day comes
that they have to be printed, we send the FrameMaker files to a printing
bureau, and they generate the color-separated PostScript for us, and
eventually print the stuff in high-quality Offset printing.

What I would like to achieve is this: I would like to be able to generate
CMYK-separated PostScript myself, so that I do not have to rely on printing
bureaus that have FrameMaker. Also, I would like to print the 4 pages C, M,
Y, and K on my HP Laserjet 5SI MX for verification purposes, e.g. on DIN A4

When I muck around with the "color Separation" button in the Printer dialog
window, I get the message: "You must specify halftone screen parameters
appropriate for the current printer". That's tough, because I have no idea
what to do next. 

I use Frame 5.5 on Win95.

Can anyone help me with this?


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