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RE: Cross-ref page number prefix in multi-file book

At 08:07 AM 11/18/98 -0800, Stanley, Hank wrote:
>	What I want is:
>	See page 6-4.
>	What I am getting is:
>	See page 4.
>	Since I subscribe only to the Digest, please reply directly to
>	Nancy.
>No!  Let everyone know the answer to this one.
Since my posting privileges on the FrameUsers list have been suspended by
the list owner, I am posting this instead to Free Framers <framers@omsys.com>:

The only way I know to include the chapter number in a cross-reference
within an unstructured document is to use a composite cross-reference, where:

The first cross-reference format, named "ChapNum" is as follows:

        See page <$paranumonly>

The second second cross-reference format, named "PageNum" is as follows:


First, select the paragraph that contains the chapter number, and insert the
cross-reference that uses the ChapNum format. Immediately following that
one, select the source paragraph, and insert the cross-reference that uses
the PageNum format.

The disadvantage is that, if the user clicks on the first part of the
cross-reference, it takes him/her to the first page of the chapter rather
than to the page being referenced.

However, in a structured FM+SGML document, the whole thing can be done in a
single cross-reference format of the form:

        See page <$elemparanumonly[Chapter]>-<$elempagenum>

        <$elemparanumonly[Chapter]> refers to the parent Chapter element,
        which contains the chapter number


        <$elempagenum> refers to the page number on which the source is located

To insert the cross-reference, you simply select the cross-reference format
described above, and choose the source element. FM+SGML then looks for the
first ancestor Chapter element preceding the source element to determine the
chapter number, and then adds the page number on which the source element is

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