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Poor font quality in PDF documents

I need some advice on preserving font quality in PDF documents.

I'm currently converting a series of manuals. All of the headings use
Verdana bold, while the body uses Garamond. When I convert, Verdana
looks fine online, but Garamond looks distorted and spindly. When I
print the PDF file, Garamond looks OK, but thinner and less attractive
than it does in the Frame printout.

Related issues:

Frame 5.5.3, Windows 95

When I select Distiller as the printer, I get the "Font information for
this system has changed ..." warning.

In the Print dialog, I can select "Generate Acrobat data", but when I
select "Print to file" the file extension is .prn. Lacking a better
solution, I change the file extension to .ps.

Distiller Job Options: Set to "Embed all fonts"

ATM 4.0 installed: can't see any fonts in my ATM window, or anywhere on
my system, for that matter.

Print setup: PostScript output set to "Optimize for portability"

Any ideas?


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