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Equivalent navigation shortcuts for Windows as Mac?


I was appalled to discover last week that FrameMaker 5.5.3/Windows95 has
only about one of 8 of the cursor-key shortcuts that I use routinely to
navigate Frame files quickly. On the Mac, command + left & right arrow moves
you a word at a time, and on Windows the same. But though command + up or
down arrow moves me a paragraph at a time in Mac/Frame, the control
equivalent goes nowhere in Windows. Page Up/Down keys don't work (yeah, I'm
sure the PgUp/PgDn keys on the number keypad work, but that slows down
quick-entry for numbers). On the Mac, command+PageUp/Down takes me to the
top or bottom of the entire file...doesn't work. I'm probably being dense,
but without the keyboard shortcuts for this platform (and I'm using a
corporate shared license with no print doc), I'm hobbled at every other

Hints cheerfully accepted. (Yeah, I probably should've learned the
multi-platform UNIX escape-key sequences, but they're so long-winded!
Shorter to pick up the mouse.) 

And if anyone from Adobe is watching, I darned well EXPECT to be able to
navigate by shortcuts better on this mouse-phobic platform than I can on a
Mac. It was one of my few gripes about Mac in middle 1980s, that apps only
provided shortcuts for about 40% of their common commands. Now I see the
8-year delay in this platform. 

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply

(Me, I'm in this for the Frame info and professional community. Community of
any sort has its glitches, and the framers universe has hit the biggest I've
seen in 4 years. Compared to the average list, though, framers has a lower
glitch-war count than most, even allowing for the recent rhetoric.  --D)

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