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Ghost of Drawings Past

I have this annoying ghost haunting one file in my Frame book.

When I started this document, the final art wasn't ready so I made
some temporary drawings and stored them in TempArt directory, then
imported into Frame by reference. When the final art was ready,
they were stored in ArtFile directory. I replaced all the
temporary drawing (again, importing by reference). Then I deleted
the entire TempArt directory.

Now, when I open this one book file, I get the warning that it
can't find two of the old TempArt drawings. I tell it to ignore
and everything's fine. But I want to get rid of this annoying
glitch. I generated a list of references. Only the new ArtFile
paths were listed -- there were NO listings for
the old TempArt files.

I'm running Frame 5.1.2 on Winduz 95.

Any suggestions on how to exorcise this ghost would be
appreciated. (Shall I spray my PC with holy water?)

Jim Stauffer
ArrayComm, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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