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Re: Bugs and Responsibilities

I think all except your buglist are reasonable items.
The bug list isnt for a number of reasons:
1) It's not (and probably never will be) exhaustive, 
     but people will expect it to be, even if it says it is not in 
     24pt bold flashing type.

2) Advertising deficiencies has never been popular, especially
     for risk-adverse types that usually constitute middle

3) There is the potential for lawsuits.  In this day and age, when
     people sue for the flimsiest of pretexts, this is a killer.

4) Some bugs are "features".  Some bugs are unsolvable.  Some bugs
    are not Adobe's fault. (For example, Windows NT does not properly
    support custom page sizes... and there is little that anybody
    of Redmond can do about it.)

I need to go to an engineering meeting, 
but there is a first pass of comments.
I'm not saying you are or were wrong, Dan, 
(IMHO, killing "comments" was a totally brain-dead move)
it's just that some things are not going to happen, given today's

Thanks for posting this.

PS: I dunno why TDM responded the way she did to you, 
and I'm not going to guess.
At 11:41 AM 10/13/98 -0700, Dan Emory wrote:
>For the record, this is the message I sent to Trish Mudgett of Adobe
>9/11/98 regarding her announcement of the shut-down of 
>All of the known bugs (and recommended workarounds, if any) should
appear in
>a list on an Adobe website. No such complete list is currently
available on
>Adobe's website, or, if it is, no-one knows about it. Such a buglist
>allow users to download it, thus taking a large load off tech
support. If a
>user is experiencing a problem he/she thinks is a bug, and doesn't
find a
>description of it in the buglist, there should be an e-mail address
>(bugs@adobe.com?) where the bug report can be sent. You could set up
>initial autoresponse to such emails, declaring that, if no further
reply is
>received within a week, the report is invalid, and no further
>from Adobe will ensue. Again, this would take the load off tech
>allowing them to focus on valid trouble reports.

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