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Re: Bugs and Responsibilities


<various bits of information about Adobe not providing an avenue for users to report bugs unless they have purchased a support option>

I find all of this quite interesting, especially since I have been following Steve Wildstrom's columns in Business Week regarding a "Computer User's Bill of Rights". I spoke to him and to Dr. Karat (who came up with the bill of rights) for a recent article in our local STC newsletter and have been reading the various reader responses to the Business Week article on the Business Week websit and on techwr-l. 

Anyway, one reader wrote in that computer hardware and software should be as easy to use as a toaster. Another reader replied that no, a car would be a better analogy (because it's more complex and training is required).

Using that analogy, you wouldn't expect someone who ran out of gas (user error) to call the dealership and expect to be towed for free. But, by the same token, if you bought a new car and your steering wheel stopped working (bug), you would expect the dealership to take care of the problem for free. In fact, if the dealership/manufacturer refused to help you, you'd probably complain to the better business bureau or sue.

Granted, one could make the argument that when you buy a used car you have to purchase an additional warranty, but I think most of us have a current Frame product (much more similar to a "new" car than a "used" one).

Just a thought,

Vanessa Andrews
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