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Re: Text disappearing in PDF

Hi Dov

The size of the doc is 105x150mm (a pocket book) with the text set at
7.5 points.
The last paper size I used was A4, because it's necessary to bleed the

Before changing the resolution I printed several books in the doc size
and also had the problem in some (one had only one page in 1450 with
the problem).

It's difficult to make acurated tests but it appears that when FM is
running for some time, the problem arises.
Now I restart FM before the print, but who could revise all the PDFs
(10 books, totalling more than 15.000 pages).

I use FM on Windows because I need IXgen and writed some FrameScripts
in FS 3, that doesn't run on Macs, but I decided to make the PDFs on

Besides that I will do some tests in Windows and will inform you.



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> To date, we have NOT heard of the problem occurring when
> going all the way down to 300 dpi. By the way, what is
> the page size for the document(s) exhibiting the problem?
>         - Dov
> At 12/29/2004 05:08 PM, Furia wrote:
> >Hi Shlomo, Dave et alii
> >
> >The 600 dpi resolution was not sufficient to resolve the problem.
> >texts still disppears.
> >I am trying now 300 dpi., but I am afraid that the problem can
> >arise.
> >I think that the real solution is to use a Macintosh to print. With
> >Macs I never had problems.
> >
> >Furia

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