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RE: Bleed tabs and registration marks


You are correct about the Frame file page size, don't change it.  All you
need to do is change the page size in the Printer Setup.  Here is what you

1. Open the book file, I usually open all the files in the book as well
(Hold down the shift key and then select File > Open All Files in Book)

2. Select File > Print Book...

3. Click on Setup (at the bottom of the window in the Printer section)

4. Select the Acrobat Distiller printer instance.

5. Change the paper size to 11 x 17 and click OK.

6. Click on Print.

This should create a PDF that has all your bleed tabs and Reg marks centered
in the middle of an 11x17 page.

Hope this helps,


	Stephen L. Schwedland	steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Select a page size bigger than 8.5x11 in Page Setup.

I've been trying to do that.  What I am confused by is that there are
several places to adjust page size.  For example, I can alter the page size
of the actual Framemaker document, the page size in the PDF setup, and the
paper size for the Acrobat Distiller printer.

It seems to me that the Framemaker page layout should remain at 8.5x11
inches and that the "paper" for the PDF should be 11x17.  When I try doing
this in various ways, I see an error message indicating that the
registration marks will not fit on the paper selected.  The resulting PDF is
always 8.5x11 with no bleed or registration marks.

I must be doing something wrong but with so many variables, I'm not sure
what.  I have tried and am continuing to try many different combinations of

I'm sorry to clog the list with this naive question.  I did try the
frameusers site with no luck.

Peter Desjardins

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