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Setting different char properties for page numbers in first and2nd level entries in index


I'm using Frame to format books and build an index. I have a 2-level
index using different Pgf formats for level entries, with different
indents, italica chars and a automatic num for the prefix "v. " on

Unfortunataly I cannot manange to get the page numbers of second level
entry in italic (the level 1 entries page number has to be formatted
with a regular Angle). I can set the angle of ALL page number references
using <ixPN><$pagenum> in the reference pages, but this rule applies
indistinctly to all level of index.

Any Idea (defore use FDK)? 

Abacus....... 1234
  V. ABS... 4321

(only v. ABS is in italic)
    Stéphane Bonhomme           --           Exselt Services

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   Technologies Web et Logiciels Libres
      s.bonhomme@xxxxxxxxxx   -   http://www.exselt.com
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