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Re: Acrobat performance

Yes, that type of hackery will "speed up" Acrobat start-up.
But it also disables parts of the program. If things don't
work as expected, don't ask Adobe for help. You absolutely
must not use that hack on Acrobat 7!

        - Dov

At 12/2/2004 09:38 PM, Diane Gaskill wrote:
>As long as we are talking about Acrobat performance I thought I'd pass this along.  BTW, it really does work.  And it's free.
>Open this link and scroll down the page until you find "PDF Speedup" utility.  Download/run if you want Acrobat Reader to startup faster.
>- Diane Gaskill
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>At 12/2/2004 09:05 AM, Graeme Forbes wrote:
>>Dov wrote that the goal of getting Acrobat to launch in 5 seconds was met in Acro 7. I logged out, logged back in again, and double-clicked on an Acrobat document. Acrobat 5.0.5 (full version) launched *and* displayed the document in 2.5 seconds. PowerMac G5 1.8DP, Panther (not inside Classic). Did Acrobat 6 introduce such a loss in performance that 5 seconds to launch is now regarded as an achievement?
>>Graeme Forbes
>You could take a bio break AND a coffee break waiting for
>either Acrobat 6 or Reader 6 to start up, especially if you
>had any optional plug-ins from Adobe or elsewhere. :-)
>        - Dov 
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