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RE: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!

At 12/1/2004 07:23 PM, Rene S. wrote:
>GREAT info, Dov - Thanks a TRILLION. The only question that remains in my
>mind is, what is meant by Adobe's marketing slick saying "Enable anyone with
>free Adobe Reader(R) 7.0 software to use highlighter, sticky note, pen, and
>other commenting tools," with a check by the Professional version? Is there
>a new feature of Acrobat 7 PRO that allows creating a review copy of PDF for
>distribution to those with only Acrobat Reader such that Reader alone would
>have the commenting tools (e.g., highlighter, strike-through, lines/shapes
>tools, etc.)?


Yes, you pretty much hit it on the head. If the document review is 
initiated by a user of Acrobat 7 Pro (not the "Standard" flavour), 
using the File=>Send for Review facility, an email recipient of the 
document that has Adobe Reader 7 can comment and send it back via email.

By the way, Adobe Reader 7 now also supports "overprint preview".

        - Dov

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