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Re: Uninstall 7.0 before installing 7.1?

They can be simultaneously installed at the same time.
I would NOT have both executing at the same time.

FrameMaker 7.1 comes with Distiller 6.0 (FrameMaker 7.0
came with Distiller 5.0.5).

        - Dov

At 1/30/2004 12:32 AM, Wim Hooghwinkel wrote:
>Does this mean that 7.0 and 7.1 can run simultaniously one the same machine? Are there important reasons not to replace 7.0 by 7.1 (due to backward incompatibilities)?
>What version of Distiller comes with 7.1?
>Met vriendelijke groet / kind regards,
>Wim Hooghwinkel <mailto:wimh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 


>Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:47:29 -0800
>From: Dov Isaacs <isaacs@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Uninstall 7.0 before installing 7.1?
>At 1/29/2004 06:42 AM, David Knopf wrote:
>>Is it recommended to uninstall FM 7.0 before installing 7.1? Adobe's "User Guide Supplement" is curiously mum on this point.
>It may be "recommended" but it is not required as long as you remember
>that the most-recently installed version is the one that gets invoked
>when you do double-clicks on FrameMaker documents and books.
>Note that you MUST NOT have concurrent versions of Acrobat or Distiller
>        - Dov

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