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Re: Frame insists on adding empty page

Hi Mary,

This happens often to me and is really frustrating. I usually go through the same hoops you described. I have become superstitious now and use the following settings to help prevent this (note that this is not the normal way to manage files at the book level; it is just the way that works best for me):

1. In the individual files, I define my pagination preferences.
2. At the book level, I set pagination to "Read from File" and "Next Available Page." This prevents FrameMaker from trying to think for me; it lets me have control, not Frame. You give up a degree of convenience doing it this way, however.

When I have a problem with Frame making the page count even against my instructions, I inevitably discover one of two things:
1. The pagination in a nearby file accidentally was changed, forcing Frame to make the page count even in another file.
2. I accidentally imported another file's document settings and the book level pagination is no longer set to Read from File.

Hope this helps.


At 11:01 AM 1/29/2004 -0500, Mary Sutton wrote:
Despite having the Pagination option
on every document set to "Delete Empty Pages," I have a couple files where
Frame *insists* on making the page count even every time I update the book.

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