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Frame insists on adding empty page

I'm trying to compile my Frame book.  Despite having the Pagination option
on every document set to "Delete Empty Pages," I have a couple files where
Frame *insists* on making the page count even every time I update the book.
I have repeatedly set this option to "Delete Empty Pages," both from within
the *.fm file and the *.book file to no avail.  I looked for options on the
Update Book screen that might be causing the problem, but have not found it.
I found no reference to this option/problem in either the Complete Reference
Book or the Adobe User's Guide (beyond an explanation of what it's supposed
to do).  And there is no text - hidden or otherwise - spilling on to these

What am I missing here?  I really do not want these empty pages at the end
of my chapters.

- Mary
"Anytime you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship."  Harry
S. Truman

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