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Re: Strange Distiller Behavior

At 1/28/2004 01:45 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
>At 3:22 pm -0500 27/1/04, Frank Rees wrote:
>>I am attempting to include several Type 1 Dingbat characters in a Frame 6.1 document. They display fine on screen and when I print to either my HP laser printer or my Canon color inkjet. However, when I print the document to either the generic postscript printer or the Acobat Distiller 5.0.5, the Dingbat characters are changed to the TT Wingdings font. Switching the printer option back to either the Hp or Canon again displays the proper Dingbat character.
>You don't say whether you're working on Mac or PC, so I assume it's PC. Whatever, you can get odd things happening when you combine TT and Type 1 fonts in the same document. The manifestation of this that I've seen (on Mac, Frame 6, Acrobat 5) is non-alpha characters such as apostrophes not printing or distilling in the TT font. Making all the fonts in the document Type 1 cured the problem.
>I'm not entirely sure that what you describe is this same issue, though. Have you checked that your Type 1 font installation is valid, and that both the screen and printer fonts are installed correctly? It sounds liek an uncontrolled font substitution.
>Dov's probably you man for this, if your problem isn't being caused somehow by a mix of TT and Type 1 fonts.


We know of absolutely NO problems whatsoever caused by mixing
of Type 1, TrueType, and/or OpenType fonts in the same document,
same page, same paragraph, or even same word as long as no two
fonts have exactly the same name.

        - Dov 

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