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RE: Message box when PDF files created with Acrobat 6 are opened withAcrobat 4 or 5?

Part of the joboptions is the ability to set the initial PDF version.
Again, the moment you save out of Acrobat, whether you make any significant
change or not, the PDF takes on version 1.4 from Acrobat 5.x and 1.5 from
Acrobat 6.x (and 1.3 from Acrobat 4.x).

        - Dov (in partly cloudy and mild San Jose, CA)

At 1/28/2004 06:48 AM, Eshenroder, Huntley wrote:
>Is there a similar option under Acrobat 5 for maintaining the version of
>the PDF initially created by Distiller? Our Frame documents are
>generated to PDF 1.2 because we distribute our PDF files across a number
>of platforms and for a number of companies, many of which strictly
>control the software on the desktop.
>Until this thread, and a problem reported by a customer earlier this
>week, I did not realize that saving the PDFs with Acrobat was changing
>the version of the PDF.
>In the snowy northeast,

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