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Graphics Help Needed

Frame 7.1, Windows XP Pro, 384MB RAM, Pentium III processor (800-odd mHz),
WWP 2003 for Frame

Now that I've got all my text content converted from Word to Frame, I'm
working on the hard part - graphics.

My final output is both HTML Help (using WebWorks Publisher 2003) and PDF,
so I need the graphics to be reasonably crisp in both formats.  Using the
table in _FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference_ I chose GIF.  I followed the
directions for inserting the graphic and chose the DPI I wanted based on the
desired size of my graphic.  It worked - but the resolution was horrible.
Tried at another DPI, same results.  So I decided to resize the image in
Photoshop, which I did, and imported again using a DPI of 72, which is what
the value was in Photoshop.  Still looked crappy.  And when I mean crappy, I
mean *crappy* - the text in the image was all blurred out and almost

So, I decided to try EPS.  All I got was a big gray box and the message that
some graphic elements couldn't be displayed.  Not good at all.

What gives?  Seeing as I need good images for both online *and* PDF, is
there a preferred format?

- Mary
"Anytime you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship."  Harry
S. Truman

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