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FM 7 book recommendations?


I'm currently considering purchasing FM.  At this point, I've 
downloaded the FM7 trial version, but have no documentation 
other than what comes with that download.  So I'd like
to buy a decent book on FM7, and wonder if there are any 
books that people would specially recommend.

In case it matters in terms of making book recommendations:

-- I'm a (very) experienced programmer

-- I am proficient in MS Word, and have a reasonable grounding 
   in Unix *roff tools.

-- A book that provides information on importing from Word (or 
   other similar tools) into FM would be a bonus

Browsing online bookshops, the most interesting book I've seen
so far is:

FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference
Sarah S. O'Keefe

Anyone have any opinions on this book, or can recommend 
an alternative?



Michael Kerrisk

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