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Re: Frame 7.1 with Acrobat 5?

Should not be a problem. Just don't let the installer for FrameMaker 7.1
install Distiller 6.0.1. FrameMaker 7.0 with all its patches and FrameMaker 7.1
are setup to recognize and properly deal with either Distiller 5.x or 6.x.

        - Dov

At 1/6/2004 11:07 AM, Mary Sutton wrote:
>I really hope Outlook gets this right this time and sends a plain text
>According to Adobe, Frame 7.1 uses Distiller v6.0 (I assume Frame 7 uses
>Acrobat 5 since it came out in 2002).  Currently, I have Acrobat 5
>installed.  Is installing Frame 7.1 going to cause a problem?  Do I need to
>upgrade to Acrobat 6 as well?  Or will they play nice together?
>- Mary

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