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Adobe Discontinues PageMaker

Although the article below pertains only to the Mac, I would presume Adobe is discontinuing PageMaker on all platforms. Note that Adobe is offering a special InDesign plugin to preserve workflow features of PageMaker. Perhaps they'll offer the same "solution" for FrameMaker, but I doubt if it would be feasible to also preserve all the features of Structured FrameMaker.
Adobe discontinues PageMaker, offers plug-ins for InDesign

By Jim Dalrymple MacCentral
Adobe Systems Inc. will announce on Monday that the company is discontinuing
ongoing development of PageMaker, Adobe's Mac OS 9 page layout application.
However, Adobe is not leaving its PageMaker customers without a way to
upgrade to InDesign and keep the same workflow they have become accustomed
to in PageMaker.
Jo Ann Buckner, Senior Product Manager and Paul Kim, Product Marketing
Manager at Adobe, explained to MacCentral that the features PageMaker
customers were looking for in a new version were already available as part
of the recently released Adobe InDesign CS. The last customer concern that
Adobe had to deal with was an issue of workflow for PageMaker users. While
PageMaker users indicated to Adobe that InDesign was a product they would
use, they also expressed concern for the amount of time and money they had
invested in creating a productive workflow and didn't want to lose their

To answer that concern, Adobe on Monday will announce the PageMaker Plug-in
Pack for Adobe InDesign. The plug-in pack includes ALAP InBooklet SE;
Bullets & Numbering; Position Tool; Data Merge; Enhanced File Converter;
Keyboard Shortcuts; Windows Style Toolbar; Template Browser and Professional
Templates; and a Training DVD, Supplemental User Guide, Template Guide and
Conversion Materials.

The PageMaker Plug-in Pack can be purchased from Adobe for US$49 as an
electronic download only. The plug-ins will also be made available as part
of Adobe's Creative Suite (Premium: Full $1,229; Upgrade from Photoshop or
Collections -- $749 Standard: Full $999; Upgrade from Photoshop or
Collections $549) and a new version of InDesign called InDesign CS PageMaker
Edition, which will sell for $349.

Adobe expects the PageMaker Plug-in Pack for Adobe InDesign to ship in the
first quarter of 2004.

FrameMaker/FrameMaker+SGML Document Design & Database Publishing DW Emory <danemory@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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