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Re: PS Printers again


First of all, the AdobePS 4.x series of drivers do not work under 
Windows 2000 or XP. They are for use with Windows'95/'98/Me. Secondly,
PostScript would generally be recommended over PCL for any printing
from FrameMaker, or for that matter, ANY application.

In terms of "missing fonts" ... PostScript printers, including your
Hewlett-Packard LaserJet, have "resident" fonts in printer memory.
But such fonts cannot be accessed on your computer unless you explicitly
license and install such fonts on your system. Printers with Adobe
PostScript (the LaserJet does NOT have Adobe PostScript) come with
host-based versions of the printer's resident fonts. I don't know
what comes with the current LaserJets.

You should NOT install any version of ATM that comes on a FrameMaker 5.5.6
CDROM. You don't need ATM Lite unless you have Multiple Master fonts
AND the versions on the FrameMaker 5.5.6 are NOT COMPATIBLE with
Windows XP. For that matter, Adobe does not officially support
FrameMaker 5.5.6 under Windows XP.

For production of PDF, you don't use PCL drivers! With Acrobat 5.0.5,
you "print" to the "Acrobat Distiller" PostScript printer driver instance
installed by Acrobat. That printer driver instance generates PostScript
and automatically feeds it to the Distiller. You don't use ANYTHING from 
Hewlett-Packard to produce PostScript for the Distiller.

        - Dov

At 11/11/2003 03:27 AM, John W. Bevan wrote:
>I've returned from a month-long holiday to find myself with a new computer
>(with Windows XP) and my usual printer gone to another section.
>I've reinstalled FrameMaker 5.5.6 and Acrobat 5.0.5, and set up a HP PCL6 as
>my resident printer. I have tried this one before but couldn't get it to
>print correctly (graphics with broken lines and unavailable fonts) which is
>why I went to the HP 5000 PS Laserjet, with Adobe 4.5.3 driver, which is now
>I have followed the stories on this list over the years about FM and PS
>printers but I'm still mighty confused. It's time to get it right once and
>for all. I've checked archives and several websites in the last two weeks
>without success, so I'm hoping someone here can steer me in the right
>direction. It hasn't helped that I haven't been receiving digests in the
>last two weeks either, but that's another story.
>Can someone who's experienced this pain please tell me answers to the
>1. is it possible for me to make this printer do what I want it to do? i.e.
>print solid graphic lines and provide missing fonts (Helvetica, Avant-Garde,
>2. Do I need to install ATM or any other font program that using the FM
>set-up disk may not have installed?
>3. Will I have to install the missing fonts? I haven't had to do this
>4. Would my problems also cause me to be unable to produce .pdf files
>because I can't print to file and distill via Distiller using the PCL6
>I posted a question on the PCL6 printer a week or so ago and was told by
>Fred Ridder to download a suitable driver from HP. I tried a few but no
>success to date. Don't I need a PPD any more?
>Any answers, or directions to find answers, would be appreciated
>John bevan

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