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Juggling pages

Hi Guys

This page continuity is turning out to be quite interesting - I've quickly
played about with your suggestions but am coming to the conclusion that it's
best letting Framemaker take charge and letting all chapters start on the
right hand side.

As Peter said - changing to single sided is not a real solution since we no
longer have left and right handed pages.
Using DoubleSided > 1st page side > next available gets closer but it
introduces another strange phenomena.
In my example, Ch1 ends on page 27 (odd) - before I tried any of this
Framemaker inserted the blank page 28 ready for Ch2 to start (correctly
numbered on page 29). Using the solution above does get rid of the blank
page BUT the first page of Ch2 is still numbered 29 AND it actually comes
out of the printer as an even page on the back of 27. What's more - it
retains its right-hand format, even though it prints left hand, and so the
page numbers which were on the outside of the double sided pages are now on
the inside in the gutter!
I found a way to force Ch2 to start on the left rather than right but it
still retained right-hand formatting so put the page numbers in the gutter
Unfortunately, the conditional text within the document varies, so that Ch1
might have an even number of pages for one variant, and an odd number for
another. So rather than have to try and force Ch2 for each individual
variant isn't appealing. Especially since I have another 5 short chapters to
put into teh manual - any of which could have an odd or even number of pages
according to  the variant's effect on conditional text.

Right now I'm finishing for Friday afternoon - thanks for your suggestions
today - I'll pick it up again on Monday Morning.

Regards to all

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