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Re: Book Questions

Sorry to disagree, but, single-sided is not the answer here. It will cause
the loss of different layouts for left and right pages. Try this:

* In the book window, select all the chapter files that need to start
immediately after the last page of the previous file.

* Choose Format > Page Layout > Pagination > Double Sided > 1st Page Side >
Next Available. This makes these files begin immediately after the last page
of the previous file.

* For the selected files, you can also affect the page count by choosing
from Before Saving & Printing, either Make Page Count Even, Delete Empty
Pages, Make Page Count Odd, or Don't Change Page Count. It seems that you
probably want Delete Empty Pages. Make your selection and click Set.

* If other chapter files need other settings, select them in the book
window, then follow these steps again.

If empty pages aren't cleared when you save, there may be either content on
those pages, such as a carriage return, or the pages may use a custom master
page you or someone else has created, not Left or Right.

Search the archives of this list for more detail on deleting empty pages,
and also for using different book files to include or exclude conditional
material by file, rather than using conditional text within a file. It
depends on how your content is "chunked."


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On 10/31/03 9:31 AM, "Kay Robart" <Kay_Robart@forgent.com> wrote:

> You have to set your document properties to Single-Sided to prevent the
> extra page from being added.
> Set your chapter conditions from the book file. You still have to do it
> chapter-by-chapter (I think!) but all you have to do is right-click on the
> chapter. I haven't tried selecting all the chapters and trying apply the
> same conditions, but that might work, too.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Harrison [mailto:david@pmssystems.com]
> Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 8:32 AM
> To: framers@omsys.com
> Subject: Book Questions
> Hi guys
> I'm just getting into Framemaker (V7) and am finding a whole host of
> problems (don't all newbies?)
> My first sticking point is in putting my book of chapters together.
> I have a 120 (ish) page manual for a controller with two cabinet options and
> two console options. Using Conditional text I can drop so 15 or so pages of
> variant information in and out as required for each of the four variants.
> So far I've found out how to ditch the resultant blank pages and get the
> system to renumber the sequential chapter pages BUT
> 1) if Ch1 has an odd number of pages it insists on adding one extra page at
> the end so that Ch2 starts on an even page. Might be desirable sometimes,
> but I don't want it this time round so where do I turn it off?
> 2) I haven't found a way to set all the chapters condition options in one
> box. So far I'm doing it chapter -by-chapter and, considering that the 120
> pages will eventually be 8 chapters, a shortcut would help. So far all I've
> experienced is an alarm that tells me that different chapters have
> inconsistent options - so something is checking consistency. - Is there any
> other way of switching?
> thanks
> David

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