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Re: Book Questions

> 1) if Ch1 has an odd number of pages it insists on adding one extra page at
> the end so that Ch2 starts on an even page. Might be desirable sometimes,
> but I don't want it this time round so where do I turn it off?

Select the chapter files you wish to change in the book file.
Right-click and select Pagination from the pop-up menu.
Select 1st Page side: Next Available and 
Before Saving & Printing: Delete empty pages.

> 2) I haven't found a way to set all the chapters condition options in one
> box. So far I'm doing it chapter -by-chapter

Select all the files in the book window.
Select View > Show/Hide Conditional text

Note that the menu changes when a book file window is active.
The menu choices then apply to all selected files in the book.

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