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Book Questions

Hi guys

I'm just getting into Framemaker (V7) and am finding a whole host of
problems (don't all newbies?)
My first sticking point is in putting my book of chapters together.

I have a 120 (ish) page manual for a controller with two cabinet options and
two console options. Using Conditional text I can drop so 15 or so pages of
variant information in and out as required for each of the four variants.

So far I've found out how to ditch the resultant blank pages and get the
system to renumber the sequential chapter pages BUT

1) if Ch1 has an odd number of pages it insists on adding one extra page at
the end so that Ch2 starts on an even page. Might be desirable sometimes,
but I don't want it this time round so where do I turn it off?

2) I haven't found a way to set all the chapters condition options in one
box. So far I'm doing it chapter -by-chapter and, considering that the 120
pages will eventually be 8 chapters, a shortcut would help. So far all I've
experienced is an alarm that tells me that different chapters have
inconsistent options - so something is checking consistency. - Is there any
other way of switching?



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