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Re: Changing the color of text in a PDF


The "text touch-up" tool in Acrobat allows you to change the color
of text selected for touch-up. You don't need any third-party tools.

        - Dov

At 10/23/2003 03:10 PM, Tammy VanBoening wrote:
>I have a PDF that I created in Adobe 5.0 (w/ all necessary patches). The
>source files were created in FM 6.0 p405. I have a couple of pieces of text
>for which I forgot to provide the necessary character format in the source
>files (LINK - turns the text blue, leaves everything else as is). Is there a
>way to just change the color of the text in the PDF. I really, really don't
>want to have to update the source files and regenerate the book . .. .it's a
>huge book and takes lots of time to futz w/. 
>I do know about extracting and inserting a page into PDF, so I have thought
>about that, but the problem is that all the links to and from the page won't
>work then, so I am back to square one.
>Any advice?
>Tammy Van Boening

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