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Re: Tabbed text wrapping when not desired

Would it be possible to put the text into a run-in pgf style and the 
prices into an ordinary style with tabs to suit?

Note: I've not tried this - it's just an idea.


Thomas Michanek wrote:

>I don't think there's any way to automate what you're describing,
>given the constraints and requirements you have.
>The "simplest" solution would be to always allow the prices to
>occupy a separate line, even if they would fit on the last line
>of the description. Would this be totally out of the question?
>Another similar idea is to always put the prices in a separate
>paragraph, whose Space Above is defined as negative, with the
>same value as the line spacing. If the paragraph for the
>description text has the same negative Space Below, the price
>paragraph will move up to the same line as the last line of
>the description text. This is what you would like when the
>last line of the description is short, but when it's too long
>the prices will "overwrite" the last part of the description.
>This could be avoided by using a separate paragraph format
>for the description text in those cases.
>To fully automate this, you need to know how long the last line
>of the description text will be. Depending on its length, you
>assign one of two different paragraph formats in the generated
>MIF. Would this be feasible?

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