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Re: Tabbed text wrapping when not desired

I don't think there's any way to automate what you're describing,
given the constraints and requirements you have.

The "simplest" solution would be to always allow the prices to
occupy a separate line, even if they would fit on the last line
of the description. Would this be totally out of the question?

Another similar idea is to always put the prices in a separate
paragraph, whose Space Above is defined as negative, with the
same value as the line spacing. If the paragraph for the
description text has the same negative Space Below, the price
paragraph will move up to the same line as the last line of
the description text. This is what you would like when the
last line of the description is short, but when it's too long
the prices will "overwrite" the last part of the description.
This could be avoided by using a separate paragraph format
for the description text in those cases.

To fully automate this, you need to know how long the last line
of the description text will be. Depending on its length, you
assign one of two different paragraph formats in the generated
MIF. Would this be feasible?

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