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Re: Branching and merging FM filesets, how to?

> I believe that the unique IDs that you suggest removing from MIF would 
> cross-references. When FM recreates a binary file from the MIF, how 
would it
> know how to connect the unique ID in the cross-reference marker to a
> paragraph that gets a new ID?
> Have you tested this?

Yes. Here's a couple of snippets:

    <XRefName `heading & page'>
    <XRefSrcText `33911: ph: Replacing the Backup Battery (TM02xx102 
    <XRefSrcIsElem No>
    <XRefSrcFile `'>
    <XRefLastUpdate  1066397288 0>
    <Unique 16204>
   > # end of XRef
   <String `\xd2 '>
   <String `Replacing a Backup Battery Pack'>
   <String `\xd3  on page'>
   <Char HardSpace>
   <String `4'>
   <Char HardHyphen>
   <String `8'>
   <XRefEnd >

[a big pile of MIF in-between shoveled out]

    <MType 9>
    <MTypeName `Cross-Ref'>
    <MText `33911: ph: Replacing the Backup Battery (TM02xx102 only)'>
    <MCurrPage `8'>
    <Unique 16136>
   > # end of Marker

I think Frame matches up the XRefSrcText with the marker's MText to 
the cross-reference. In any case, deleting the Unique tags doesn't make a
difference -- indeed, I deleted everything between the "end of XRef" and
"<XRefEnd >" lines and Frame was able to reconstruct that information as

So yes, I think this could work.

Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS
"Content creators are the engine that drives
value in the information life cycle."
    -- Barry Schaeffer, on XML-Doc

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