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Re: Cure for shortened TOC links?


Rick is right, I am wrong. A null char format or any other char format as
an override doesn't work.  And next time I will do the test BEFORE
pontificating.  8^)


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The links will stop whereever there is a character property change in your
paragraph. This is actually by design; see page 447 of the FrameMaker 7
Guide. Unfortunately, this causes problems in generated files such as TOCs.

If you have FrameScript, you can have a script that goes through the TOC
repeats the hypertext marker at each character property change so that the
whole paragraph is a link. If you are interested in such a script, please
contact me offline. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
585 659-8267

> One of my books has developed some shortened links in the generated TOC:
> some Heading link rectangles are only over the Heading number, while
> others include the Heading text and leader. These shortened links appear
> to be arbitrarily spread throughout the TOC. This phenomenon also carries
> over into the .pdf as well. I could use some clues for the cure.
> Thanks,
> Fred S


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