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Re: Cure for shortened TOC links?


Are you saying that the hotspot that initiates a hyperjump when Ctrl-Alt
clicked sometimes extends over the entire line and at others is confined to
the section number?  If so, you should understand that the hotspot
commences with the Hypertext marker at the beginning of the line in the ToC
and extends to the right until the character format changes. I suspect that
your section numbers have a different char format from the rest of the
line.  That means the hotspot is confined to that char format alone.

If you want the entire line to be a hotspot, you could create a null char
format (one in which all properties are set to As Is), select the entire
ToC and apply it. Thus, on each line, the null char format now exists as an
override of the underlying para format plus any other char formats (even
though it does nothing) and the hotspot should extend over the entire line.
Applying the null char format could be job for FrameScript!


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One of my books has developed some shortened links in the generated TOC:
some Heading link rectangles are only over the Heading number, while
others include the Heading text and leader. These shortened links appear
to be arbitrarily spread throughout the TOC. This phenomenon also carries
over into the .pdf as well. I could use some clues for the cure.

Fred S


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