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RE: Adding a prefix to the page number & getting it to show up in the TOC

Rebecca Downey wrote: 

> My book consists of unstructured chapters that each start on page 1.
> I need to make a table of contents of these chapters that 
> lists the data as:
> <$paratext>\t<$paratext[Title]>-<$pagenum>
> I know that won't work for an automatically generated table 
> of contents.
> So, how do I add a page-prefix to each chapter and how do I 
> get that page prefix to appear in the table of contents?
> (In proper english - I want the page number to be listed as 
> Title-page#. E.g.: Templates-1, Templates-2, Variables-1, 
> ..., Variables-47, rather than 1, 2, 1, ..., 47).

In your ref page TOC spec, use <$chapnum>\-<$pagenum>. For each file in the book, set chapter numbering to text and enter the name for that chapter. 


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant Technologies, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT voyanttechDOTcom
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