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RE: PDF Printing issue...


You missed a chance to fluff your own feathers!


With respect to a stable PDF workflow, check out the link below. I'm not sure this relates to your present issue, but you did ask for guidelines. These guidelines are a helpful public service provided by Dov. Apologies if you've seen this one before.

Dov's presentation on Reliable PDF creation in the enterprise

Best regards,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dov Isaacs [mailto:isaacs@Adobe.COM]
> Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 12:04 PM
> To: Donald M Rinderknecht
> Cc: framers@frameusers.com; framers@omsys.com
> Subject: Re: PDF Printing issue...
> If you print to the "Acrobat Distiller" printer instance or 
> "save as PDF"
> under Windows 2000 or XP with FrameMaker 7, you shouldn't be 
> mucking around
> with any PPDs. That is NOT your problem. Acrobat 6 is 
> irrelevant to this.
> You SHOULD download and install the latest updates to FrameMaker.
> I am not aware of any problem of the type (pun intended) you mention.
> If after updating your copy of FrameMaker to the latest version you
> can duplicate the problem with a simple document and email 
> me, off-list
> of course, the document (and associated content) and 
> resultant PDF file,
> I can take a look at it.
>         - Dov
> At 10/2/2003 10:17 AM, Donald M Rinderknecht wrote:
> >We are having problems printing pages with large sized graphics. The
> >graphics are cropped but the text near them is not. The 
> pages print fine
> >when going to a non-PS printer. The image example I have is a tif.
> >
> >We are using Frame 7.0p576, Distiller 5.05, on Windows 2000 Pro.
> >
> >I suspect the problem might be related to the PPD we're 
> using, but I'm
> >not sure. Found some clues here:
> >http://www.raycomm.com/techwhirl/archives/9803/techwhirl-9803
>I searched the Framers list but didn't find anything, really. (Might
>have used the wrong keywords...)
>So, I have a few questions....
>1. I believe I correctly found which ppd is being used... Adist5.ppd
>from the 'xtras' folder. Version info is below... Does this look ok?
>2. How do I go about getting an updated version of the ppd?
>3. Would upgrading to Acrobat 6.0 solve this issue?
>4. Is there any explicit guidance on ensuring our machines are properly
>setup for a stable PDF workflow?
> From the beginning of the Adist5.ppd on my machine:
>*FormatVersion: "4.3"
>*FileVersion: "1.0"
>*LanguageEncoding: ISOLatin1
>*LanguageVersion: English
>*PCFileName: "ADIST5.PPD"
>*Manufacturer: "Adobe"
>*Product: "(Acrobat Distiller)"
>*PSVersion: "(3011.104) 0"
>*ModelName: "Acrobat Distiller"
>*ShortNickName: "Acrobat Distiller"
>*NickName: "Acrobat Distiller 3011.104"
>*% PPD for Acrobat Distiller 5, Roman
>Don Rinderknecht -- KD5MVV
>Meteorologist Instructor/Developer ~ Warning Decision Training Branch
>Donald.M.Rinderknecht@noaa.gov ~ http://wdtb.noaa.gov

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