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Can InDesign Handle TechDox?

I'm going to pose slightly different questions than those I've seen once I
became aware of the FM or IDCS thread...

Due to impending personal migration to mobile computing under Mac OSX and
Frame's apparent holdout on becoming modern -- and the hardware restrictions
this tends to impose, I now wonder if ID might be a viable platform for our
short-to-medium techdox needs (thus far ~275 pps max). I have just perused
Adobes's "in depth" pubs on ID's capabilities; questions remain.
Specifically regarding:

- PDF bookmark generation and page numbering conversion
- figure and table auto numbering and list generation
- indexing niceties (I use a Frame plug that makes an index condition to
easily hide/protect entries/markers from editing

Has anyone actually switched from Frame to ID, or had enough ID hands-on to
address these questions ... or raise other issues?

Bart Windrum
GUI Fit&Finish and Documentation
Diogenes Inc.
Denver Colorado USA

720 210 1011 direct
720 904 2321 main
720 904 9032 fax

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