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Single-line drop-down list in Cross-Reference panel

We here have noticed that in the FM 7.0 Cross-Reference panel the 
drop-down list for selecting the source document for a cross-reference 
is often only a single line, even if there are several documents open 
and available. The only clue to its being a list is the compressed 
up-down arrow box on the right-hand side of the document title. You can 
miss this if you are in a hurry, with your mind on other things than 
dialog box structure in the Frame 7 UI.

I don't think it ever appeared in FM 5.5.6

Has anyone seen this irritating defect? It's not systematic, and I can't 
say what are the circumstances in which it appears, but it's a real 
time-waster when it does if you are not alert.

FM 7p578, Windows 2000 SP4, Acrobat 5.0.5

Charles Hawtrey

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