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Re: OT: Need FH5 for Mac converted to Illustrator

Be forewarned ...

Adobe Illustrator is NOT, repeat NOT, repeat yet again NOT, a general
purpose PDF or PostScript editor. It does NOT "understand" all PostScript
or PDF constructs and your results may be quite "lossy", especially for
text that is not in a standard encoding.

        - Dov

At 9/18/2003 05:46 AM, Jan Henning wrote:
>>I have a FreeHand 5.5 file for Macintosh that I need converted to something
>>I can read with Illustrator 7 on the PC. I think FreeHand allows you to save
>>as or export to Illustrator EPS.
>You can print the FM document (just the relevant page) to PostScript and open that PostScript file with Illustrator. At least this works with the current Illustrator version.
>Jan Henning

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