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Fw: Reorganizing/Redesigning a doc set


You said:

How do you go about evaluating a doc set and deciding what works and what
needs to be redesigned? Has anyone done this and kept a written record of
what they did and how they did it? Are there any books, articles, research
on this?

This project is just getting started. The business case is done and the
marketing requirements are almost done. We're using User Cases for the
first time and that is beginning now. I have several months right now to
research and assess my part of this project, but want to get started on the
organization part of it. Any advice for a single writer in this situation
will be appreciated.

I responded:

I can't help you with the meta-issues but you might go to
http://www.sandybrook.com/ to download the Enhance for FrameMaker outliner.
Great for getting down your headings structure and re-organizing it.
Trouble is that David Lyall, the developer, has become uncontactable by
email, telephone and facsimile.  So you can download and run in
time-limited mode but cannot obtain a licence number.


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