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Re: XP and PS Driver

I will repeat the warnings that we have been giving ever
since Windows 2000 came out. You CANNOT, repeat CANNOT
safely "upgrade" Windows'95/'98/Me/NT 4 to Windows 2000 or
XP. Microsoft's advice notwithstanding, you MUST do a clean 
install to a newly formatted disk partition or risk havoc 
with drivers, fonts, and Acrobat. After the "clean install"
you must install all drivers, fonts, and applications.

No, the OLD AdobePS 4.x drivers do not work at all under
Windows 2000/XP. Nor will an Acrobat installation fully and
properly survive an "upgrade" to Windows 2000/XP.

There is no "Adobe PostScript driver" for Windows 2000/XP, but
rather an Adobe-Microsoft driver that actually ships with
these versions of Windows (PSCRIPT5.DLL). Adobe does provide
an installer to associate PPD files with the system PostScript

        - Dov

At 9/8/2003 10:30 AM, Green, Colin wrote:
>I am running Frame 6 (6.0p 357) on Windows XP. Can I use the Adobe postscript driver, version 5.2 (31), with the version ADIST5 ppd, without problems creating Acrobat Files, with this version of Frame? Or should I continue to use the version 4 driver with the version 4 ppd to configure the driver? The reason I ask is that we were upgraded from Win2K to XP. The XP upgrade came with an Adobe postscript driver version 5.2 (31) with the ADIST5.PPD. The version 4 driver was eliminated.

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