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RE: Colour shifts when output from FrameMaker to PDF

I ran into this a long time ago, here is what I found.  This is from
1999, but it still holds true today.

Here is your definitive answer:

		A new option in the maker.ini file allows control over
the display and printing of library colors (e.g., Pantone) in FrameMaker
5.5.6 for Windows. The default setting is correct, but the display and
print color may be different from previous versions. 

		Most library colors contain a CMYK value and a RGB
value. The CMYK value is used for printing and the RGB value is used for
screen display.  

		The GetLibraryColorRGBFromCMYK option is in the
[Preferences] section of the FrameMaker 5.5.6 maker.ini file.

		There are 4 values which can be used with this option:

		This is the FrameMaker 5.x behavior. It will display and
print the converted RGB value.

		This is the FrameMaker 5.5 behavior. It will display and
print the RGB value produced by the color library.

		This is the default in FrameMaker 5.5.6. It will display
the RGB value produced by the color library and print the converted RGB.

		This displays the converted RGB and prints the RGB
values from the library.

Your actual solution is to go into your maker.ini file and find the line
that reads "GetLibraryColorRGBFromCMYK=Printing" and change it to

You can thank Janice McConnell at Adobe for providing me/us with this


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A colleague of mine is creating a FrameMaker document with colour screen
dumps and 'spot' colour synthesized from the CMYK inks.  That is, she
has chosen Pantone colours (e.g. 131) from the palette but set the Spot
colour model to be CMYK.

When she generates a PDF, the colours are distorted and completely
different from FrameMaker.  Will these colours print correctly, that is,
is this just an artefact of the Windows colour management non-system, or
will these colours appear just as crap in print?  (She does not have
access to any colour printers to 'proof' her output.)

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