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RE: Missing Type 1 Fonts

I strongly doubt that you are using the same "image" on a laptop
system as you use for a desktop. But if it is, then you have some
other problem, one which is more complex than I can diagnose without
my dear assistant Claire .... Claire Voyant!

        - Dov

At 8/27/2003 10:37 AM, Lee, Ivan wrote:
>Makes sense.  But what if the image on the laptop is the same image as
>on our 7 desktops (which are working fine and dandy)?  I'll verify if
>this is true though.  If not true, and the laptop image is a separate
>and corrupted image, is the only solution to get the IT guys to fix the
>source of the image?  No way for a fix on just the laptop?  (And did I
>just muck everything up anyway by installing ATM 4.1?)
>Ivan Lee 
>Senior Technical Writer 
>The opinions expressed here are that of my own and not of my employer.
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>Absolutely yes! If the "image" was made from an installation of the
>operating system that was messed up by installing ATM 4.0, even if
>it was subsequently uninstalled before the "image" was made, or if the
>"image" was made from a system that was not a clean OS install, you 
>have inherited a corrupted system.
>        - Dov

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