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Re: Missing Type 1 Fonts

The message about "not a valid font file" indicates that somehow the
fonts did NOT install "ok" ... Yeah, isn't that obvious ... (8^)>

Perchance, you didn't install ATM 4.0 on this system, did you?

And when you indicate that the system HAD Windows NT (I assume NT 4)
and that the disk was "re-imaged", are you sure of that?

The problem you describe is symptomatic of either ATM 4.0 mistakenly
being installed on a Windows 2000/XP system or of a Windows'9x/Me/NT 4
system being "upgraded" in-place to Windows 2000/XP.

        - Dov

At 8/26/2003 03:34 PM, Lee, Ivan wrote:
>I know, everyone's favorite topic.  I went through the past posts by
>others and responses by Dov, but I can't quite make out what solution
>I had to reinstall (with admin rights) FM6 and Acrobat5.0.5 (5.0 CD and
>5.0.5 update file) on a laptop that got WinXP loaded (hard disk was
>re-imaged, previously had WinNT).
>I then had to reinstall some Type 1 fonts, but the fonts can't be found
>by FM or Acrobat.
>I installed the fonts via the Windows Font folder using "File > Install
>New Font."  They seemed to install ok and I can see them in the fonts
>folder.  But it can't be found/used by FM and Acrobat.  The installation
>method was EXACTLY the same as what I did for 7 desktops.  And the
>desktops are a-ok.
>When I go and double click the font in the fonts folder, I get this
>error message:  "The requested file
>C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\fontname.PFM/C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\fontname.PFB was not a
>valid font file."
>On any of the desktops, if I double click the font, I get the sample
>view of the font.
>The FILE: port does exist on the laptop.
>Can someone let me know if I missed something?  CC me your response as I
>am on digest.  Your help would be appreciated!
>Ivan Lee 
>Senior Technical Writer 

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