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Re: XML cookbook questions

At 12:53 PM 8/26/03 +0200, Thomas Michanek wrote:

>If I'm not mistaken, XML is case-sensitive...

  Yes, XML is case-sensitive.

>I guess you have to get used to it, but I still find it awkward and
>contradictice to the idea of templates. When using Unstructured FM you're
>supposed to always use pre-defined template formats with no overrides,
>but when switching to "Structured" FM you're supposed to ignore the
>formats in the structured template and always create overrides. Odd.
>And the cookbook doesn't explain the benefits at all!

  From the end user's perspective, no formatting is an override if it
is automatically applied. Why should someone using a structured template
even be aware of whether the automatic formatting uses paragraph and
character catalog formats or merely sets some properties? The recommendation
to avoid overrides holds in both structured and unstructured editing.
Thus, the tags the user applies--whether paragraph tags or element tags--
determine the formatting. If formats or element definitions are imported
from a revised template, there is no risk of inadvertently changing
formatting that was manually applied. Distinctly formatted material
is distinctly tagged.
  I find it much easier to maintain a structured template when the EDD
often uses hierarchical styles that set only relevant properties rather than
referring to paragraph and character catalog entries. By all means use
different paragraph formats for table cells and body paragraphs and
various headings. However, if a note is just like a body paragraph except
that it is bold, or a block quote is just like a body paragraph except
that it is indented, why not just change the relevant property? That way,
if you ever need to change the appearance of several element types, you
can do so by editing a single paragraph format.

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