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Re: Multiple table instances in mif


> When a mif with multiple instances of a table is
> opened in Frame, we get the error message:
> "maker: MIF: "<path>/<filename>.Mif" (165496):
> Multiple anchors for the same table, frame, or footnote."
> And, of course, there is only one instance of each table. Is there a way
to make
> a single table instance appear multiple times in the Frame doc?

Tables are stored physically at the beginning of a MIF file.  Anchors at
the text location reference the instances of the tables at the beginning of
the document.

Without knowing how your app writes the MIF, I think what you are seeing is
an object-ID clash, where several anchors with possibly identical object
IDs of their own are referencing the same table with its own object ID.
Non-unique object IDs mean that FrameMaker cannot determine which anchor
(location) should be displaying which table.

I suggest that you place the table in an external file and use text insets
at each point where you want it to appear.  This should be a trivial
exercise for your programmers.


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