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What has happened to David Lyall, Sandybrook Software, and Enhance outliner?


I just upgraded to FrameMaker 7 and downloaded Enhance for FrameMaker 2.04
from <http://www.sandybrook.com/>.  The upgrade is free but you need a new
licence number.

I filled in the online form to get a licence number upgrade but nothing
happened.  A couple of emails to <mailto:info@sandybrook.com> did not
prompt a response.  Telephoning 207 294 7430, advertised on the web site,
only found an unused number and 207 761 2185, found by Google in an email
from David Lyall, is a private home.

So, does anybody know what has happened to Sandybrook Software and its
Enhance outliner?  This is a very valuable tool for getting a bird's eye
view of the structure of a publication and manipulating it.  But the
evaluation period is ticking down inexorably, with only 35 days left now

Help!  Sure hope someone has taken over development of Enhance if David is
no longer working on it.

[Windows XP Pro, FrameMaker 7.0p578, FrameScript 2.1r3, Enhance 2.04,
Acrobat 5.05, mif2go 33u34, WebWorks Publisher 7.05, IXgen 7.2p055, HTML
Help Workshop 4.74 build 8702.0, HTML Help 1.31]


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